Estelle (at 18...?)
... and in 2005.

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This site was initially created in memorium to do three things:

1. Present an online gallery of Estelle's creations -- a prolific painter for over 60 years, her body of work remains largely intact, unseen and privately held. A brief 3D viewing of her work took place in NYC before being moved to NC years later.

2. Offer an online preview of remaining estate items -- both for public sale, and/or interested family and friends before many are moved out of state.

3. Share the life story of this amazing woman whom few intimately knew, but many were deeply touched by during her time on earth. Her story lives on beyond her physical body... and her body of work.

Please enjoy browsing this site, and be aware that it is the quiet birthing of a larger project-in-progress. A multi-layered set of stories are still evolving on a family of websites... many in honor of and inspired by Estelle's work and life (i.e., The Fortune Building).  Look for future updates and links to related sites and more family lore to come. (Also note: most pictures will enlarge when clicking them.)



(...and her surviving/loving son)

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